There’s Scale Then There’s Scale

There’s a calmness and beauty to be found in repetition. While not truly understanding how she did it, I have admired Agnes Martin’s ability to make strong works with small changes of scale, density, proportion - working within a narrow vocabulary. When I was a younger artist “you don’t need to reinvent the wheel with every project” was a common refrain from creative friends who watched the struggles I put myself through. Now I am beginning to understand how calm and beauty can be drawn out while still working within a tight framework.

Munn , 60” x 60”  [Ennis Series]

Munn, 60” x 60” [Ennis Series]

Flanagan , 60" x 60"  [Ennis Series]

Flanagan, 60" x 60" [Ennis Series]

Sian Morgan,  60” x 60”  [Ennis Series]

Sian Morgan, 60” x 60” [Ennis Series]