Similar Yet So Different

Back in November 2017 a journalist made a visit to my downtown studio. In advance, I sent him a link to my website and an invitation to view the catalogues in the private Resources section. When he arrived he slowly walked around taking in the work, then asked: may I give you some advice? I LOVE advice, so of course I said, “yes!”. He said that he’d started seeing my work in homes in Beverly Hills and Bel Air, and heard my name pop up when in the company of designers and collectors. But the general feeling was, WHO is Mary Little? Who represents her? Does she take commissions…?

His advice: “You have to up your game!”.

So, based on this I’ve developed a pretty bold strategy for 2018, to be more visible and accessible in Los Angeles and the west coast. While I work on this - it takes planning and collaborations – I continue to invite designers like you on studio visits. Everyone says the work comes alive in reality. Would you like to come to see what I have hanging now, and see work in progress? You could come alone, or with a colleague or client. I have parking and we could even do lunch or afternoon tea…

Would you like to check your schedule and see if you could take a break on Wednesday, 1/31 or Thursday, 2/1. I’ll be working here at the studio both days, and we usually have a delicious homemade soup around noon.

In the meantime, enjoy these three artworks which though similar, are in their individual ways distinctly different.

O'Conner , 44” x 44”  [Ennis Series]

O'Conner, 44” x 44” [Ennis Series]

Bush,  54” x 34”  [Ennis Series]

Bush, 54” x 34” [Ennis Series]

Dunleath,  24” x 24”  [Ennis Edition, Edition of 25]

Dunleath, 24” x 24” [Ennis Edition, Edition of 25]