Square. Both Square.

I’ve created over 25 square works in the last 3 years. 

Anne Jane , 60" x 60"  [Aran Series]

Anne Jane, 60" x 60" [Aran Series]

Henderson , 42" x 42",  [Valley Edition, Edition of 25]

Henderson, 42" x 42", [Valley Edition, Edition of 25]

My excitement comes from finding a new character in each.

Anne Jane and Henderson come out of distinctly different approaches - the former is loose and expansive, doing its own thing using cloth in abundance. And the latter is stretched taut with highly controlled mark making. One is 60” square and the other 42”. Anne Jane references clothing, while Henderson is inspired by ploughed fields. Their common characteristics are: square, off-white color, and areas of texture, contrasted by large flat surface. Polar opposites yet with so much in common.